Nelson Township, Ohio

Nelson Township, Portage County
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Garrettsville, Oh 44231-0377

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Welcome to Our Community


   Nelson Township is located in the northeast section of Portage County & its population is over 3200 residents. The Township covers 24.7 square miles and maintains 25.4 miles of roads & five cemeteries. It is also home to the Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park - 167 acres of spectacular rock formations, hiking trails, waterfalls & picnicking areas.
   Nelson Township is a quiet, residential area in a beautiful rural setting with mature trees and landscape. Residents are an eclectic mix of young and old, original owners and newcomers, professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, and retirees. Residents enjoy a warm, neighborly social life.


History of Nelson Schools


Please take this opportunity to discover an interesting and informative History of Nelson Schools. Grace Randall Goodsell and Rodger Pettit have written a time line from the school opening in 1804 to its closing in 1969.


Click on this link for A History of Nelson Schools.
For more information, click on the following link for a list of the area schools: Schools Nick Names & Mascots.
History of United Brethren Church
Faith Evangelical Free Church located on Windham-Parkman Road near the intersection of Pierce and Windham-Parkamn Roads is not a new congregation only a new church building. The current building was built in 1969 after the merger of the Evangelical United Brethren and the Methodist Church Conferences. After a series of controversial meetings with high level officials, a decision was made by the local Church Congregation at Silica Sand to become independent. The local chuch leaders contacted the Nelson Township Trustees for the rental of the Nelson Community House at a rate for $40.00 per week for the Sunday day & evening services with a payment of $10.00 per for custodial service.
The congregation met in the Community House for two years while the new facility was under construction. The Sunday School Classes met outside without any inclement weather. In order to use the second floor, a fire escape was constructed in the fall. The congregation concerns were not with the Nelson or Garrettsville United Methodist Church but rather with the District Superintendent and Conference Leaders. This summary is provided as history of this church staring in Nelson Township then Windham Township and now back to Nelson Township. For more information, link to United Brethren Church.

Township Meetings

  • The next township trustee's meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 All meetings will start @ 7:00 PM & are held at the Nelson Community House.





This letter was submitted to the Nelson Township Trustees. Please link into  Concerned Citizens Letter 


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  • Please go to the "Neighborhood Watch" tab to learn about an important program to make Nelson Township a safer community.
  • The Nelson Township Zoning Resolution is available as a link on this web page's Zoning Page.
Early History Of Nelson Township & The Civil War Monument

   The Civil War Monument is located on Nelson Square across from the Community Center. The Monument is inscribed "erected by the citizens of Nelson to the memory of her soldiers who fell in defense of our country - the War of the Rebellion, Nov. 18, 1865." This monument is a nearly 150 year old, sandstone memorial to the Nelson Civil War dead, stands starkly outlined against the sky. It is constructed in four tiers and boasts an American eagle resting from flight on the top tier.

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for a look into Nelson's past and more information on the Civil War Memorial.